17-year-old Raikchak Reang: The tutting craze from Tripura

Hot and fresh — coming up in 2013, there is a dance craze among young funk dancers which is once again sweeping the world – Tutting, and is now becoming even more popular with clubbers. Gangnam style seems like an old trend now.

As the world goes gala over it, so is the Northeast eventually tripping it too. Here’s Raikchak Reang, a 17-year-old tutting craze from Tripura. Watch his video below and also on YouTube (I bet it’s the coolest video you’ll watch all day and learn how to unleash your own fingers).


“Tutting” is a distinct style of dance that first became popular on YouTube in 2009.  In particular, the “Finger Tutting” or “How to dance with your fingers ” variety began picking up followers and is going viral.

Notably, a celebrity who has already mastered the tutting moves is Megan Fox, who demonstrates some crazy steps in upcoming movie “This Is 40”.

This young dancer has been tutting for a year and a half now, who mastered it just watching tutting videos and tutorials in YouTube. Of course, bind by his talent and regular practices.  He is a pupil of XI standard at Don Bosco School, Agartala.

Not bad for someone of his age. We hope to see a lot more of his tutting dances in the days to come.

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