3rd World Zomi Convention held in Lamka

The 3rd World Zomi Convention, a cultural exhibition was held at Lamka Public Ground Hiangtam in Churachandpur, Manipur on October 25. The event witnessed an array of music and dance extravaganza performed by nine tribes of the Zomi, and choral ensembles from Mizoram and Churachandpur, and cultural dance performances by Naga and Meitei troupes.

The committe Convenor R Sanga in his welcome address urges upon the role of community in mantaining peace and cultural heritage of the Zo people,” No outsider will give us peace and progress, unless we are ready to share peace among us, and it depends upon us”.

This year’s theme is “Marching On”. The first World Zomi Convention was held in 1988.  The Zomis or Zo community, today inhabits in different parts of the present Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. The Britishers named  them as Chin in Myanmar and Kuki in Manipur and Lushai in Mizoram during the colonial period.

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