4th Upper Assam Chavang Kut Festival celebrates in Dibrugarh

The Chavang Kut, one of the biggest festivals of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo community was celebrated on the 10th November, under the theme “Kut: A Testimony of Our Common Origin” at the Assam Sahitya Sabha Auditorium in Chowkidingee, Dibrugarh.

This is the second time the festival being celebrated with pomp and gaiety under the aegis of the Kuki Students’ Organisation, Dibrugarh.

The age-old traditional festival originated from the prehistoric time when the people were animists worshipping their ancestral gods and supernatural forces and spirits. Literally the term ‘chavang kut’ means autumn festival. Chavang means autumn season and Kut means festival. It is celebrated after almost year-long hard work and toiling in the Jhum (slashes and burn method of cultivation) which is the main source from where the people eke out their livelihood.

Chavang Kut is usually celebrated annually in the early part of November. At present, it is celebrated on the 1st of November with State Holiday in Manipur and District holiday in N.C.hills and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam.

The grand celebration was graced by Pu.Paul Hangshing, Commissioner, Employees’ Provident Fund, Govt. of India, as Chief Guest and Pu. Holkhothang Haokip, Sr. Engineer Assistant, DDK, Nazira, Sivasagar as Kut-Pa.

The celebration also witnessed colourful cultural performances such as Ka-Chin Dances depicting harvesting of crops and popular ethnic songs performed by local artists like Sara Chongloi, Olive Monsang, Lamhao Doungel, Nu Eunice Sitllhou, Hejang Misao, The Black Avengers, Squawtz Boyz  and  Thangminsiem Doungel among many others.

(Picture: Jon Lupheng Bengsan)

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