Adolf Hitler to contest Meghalaya Elections

A member of the Nationalist Congress Party, Adolf Lu Hitler Rangsa Marak is contesting the elections from the constituency of Bajengdoba in west Meghalaya. He has served in the state assembly as Forest and Environment minister. He was once arrested in 2003 on charges of allegedly having ties to a banned militant group.

Adolf Lu Hitler-Marak told AFP, "His parents didn’t know the background to his controversial name and insisted that apart from his moustache, he had nothing in common with the Nazi dictator. His parents chose this name 54 years ago"

Meghalaya is predominantly a Christian state, when the tribes were converted to Christianity during the British era, there was a trend to name their children after famous people or English words. Historians say those former ties with Britain led to a convention of naming local children using random English words or famous names from the past, often without knowledge of their meaning or while translating their native tribal words to English.

Among the 343 hopefuls, the list of candidates with bizarre names competing the Meghalaya state elections include Frankenstein, Bombersingh, Boldness Billykid Sangma, Predecessor and Process, Hopingstone Lyngdoh, Romeo Rani, Field Marshal Mawphaniang, Founder Strong Cajee, Winnerson D. Sangma, Boston Marak, Rightious Sangma, Sounder Strong Cajee, Adviser, Highlander, Anvil, Fairly Bert,  Finelynes, Hilarious Pochen and Hopeful Bamon, all tryin their luck at nabbing one of the 60 seats up for grabs in the Meghalaya state legislative assembly.

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