Arunachal gets first Superhero in Orunasol Man

He is brave, inspirational and adorable, making it hard not to love him!

Meet the first superhero rising from the foothills of Arunachal Pradesh; He’s the Orunasol Man. His fictional cartoon character based upon the amicable motto; “How to save Arunachal”, has been doing all-pretty sassy round spins among local comic fans on social media since March.

Photographer Jees George, a native of Kochi (Kerala) who is currently residing in Itanagar, the state capital of Arunachal Pradesh, directed the superhero fan video “Arunachal reacts to Orunasol Man” and released it on YouTube the same month.

What’s more about this lovable character idiosyncrasy you can adore? Pinning to the fact, he represents all of the socio-issues that everyone faces in Arunachal Pradesh and he exudes a lot of positivity and light. He’s an ideal of humanity and doing right is what is right.

And that’s what makes him an iconic superhero, we can all easy to connect with, and definitely powerful enough to become one of your favorite cartoon characters that you can’t resist.


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