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Asomtube is the largest video-sharing site from NE

Three young students from Assam launched the beta test site www.Asomtube.com in 2010 for a limited trial period. Following the test, the service was taken offline and later they upgraded the site to handle more traffic. The first Assamese video-sharing site Asomtube was officially launched on September 8, 2011.

The founders – Utpal Kalita had studied Instrumentation and Control Engineering at SRM University, Chennai, while Jaki Neog and Arnab Deka are still pursuing their engineering degrees at the same university.

Today, Asomtube is the largest online video destination from the Northeast India and raked the third most visited Website overall from the region (Also see our previous year’s web ranking on NE sites). The site exceeds 50,000 daily views and 5000 unique visitors a day and Asomtube.com has a global Alexa traffic ranking of 165,882 in the world as on February 26. Hundreds of Assamese music albums and songs is also available for free downloads on the site, where 2-3 TB of data is streamed monthly.

The 22-year-old Arnab Deka, one of the Founders and Human Resources Manager at Asomtube revealed, “We are working to set up an online store for paid downloads encoded with Digital Rights Management and to create a premium video section for pay-per-view, and also build an online live channel wherein festivals like Bihu, college fest and related genres will be streamed. We offer browsing by song title, film, artist, etc. that amounts to a form of our video database”.  He further added they are still on a lookout for financial sponsors to endorse the project.

Despite having no proper office infrastructure, the founders are leaving no stone unturned as they operates effortlessly the portal from their small rented apartment in Chennai, to promote and popularize Assamese films and music videos on the web worldwide. More importantly, make it easily accessible.

Asomtube is closely ranking in the third position next to the two popular news portal sites – Assamtribune.com and E-pao.net among all the Northeast India sites.

(Profile Photo from the left: The founders of Asomtube.com Arnab Deka, Utpal Kalita, Jaki Neog and part-time worker Debijit Saikia)

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