Assam Bodybuilder Golap Rabha to represent India in Mr Universe 2016

All Assam Body Building Association representative Golap Rabha is hungrier than ever.

The former Mr Assam 2013 and Mr India 2015 Runners-up bodybuilder from Kamrup, Assam has earned an invitation to travel to Italy to represent India in the upcoming championship of International Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (IBFF)’s Mr Universe 2016 to be held on October 10 at Taranto, Italy.

Rabha’s quest to become one of the nation’s top amateur natural bodybuilders in the universe keeps him working hard everyday as he prepares to lift the muscle crown for his debut international event.

Watch the Facebook video of Golab Rabha showcasing his extraordinary fitness skills and ablity for the students at Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza.

In June, Indian bodybuilder Shashi Kumar bagged Mr World Championship hosted by International Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (IBFF) in Koper, Slovakia.

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