Assam to divide Kaziranga to protect endangered Rhinos

Assam government has decided to divide Kaziranga National Park into four new divisions to protect the endangered one-horned rhinos from poachers. The 185-square mile Kaziranga National Park is about 155 miles east of Guwahati, the state capital. quoted statement made by Assam Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain on Saturday;
“The park will be divided into east, west, north and ecosystem zones. The Burhapahar and Bagori range of the park will form the west division. The extension of the park on the north bank and Biswanath Chariali will come under the north division while the Kohora and Agaratoli range will fall under the east division”.

Eight rhinos have been killed in various protected areas of Assam and their adjoining areas since January this year, while 30 rhinos died due to three waves of floods in the state last year.

Soaring demand for rhino horns in Vietnam is posing a threat to the long-term conservation of one-horned rhinos in the state. Like in neighbouring China, in Vietnam too rhino horns are used in traditional medicines for treatment of cancer.

According to the 2012 census, the Kaziranga National Park has 2,186 rhinos out of a total population of 2,505 in Assam. A total of 524 rhinos have been killed for their horns in that state between 1986 and 2011.

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