Boby Techi

Boby Techi (born January 9, 1990) is an upcoming country-indie pop singer from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. She won the LG Songstar of the Year Award 2013.

She is the second eldest among her 5 siblings. Boby hails from a family of music enthusiasts and her dad is an engineer working with Arunachal Pradesh government.

Her first public appearance on stage was at the opening night of Donyi Polo School of Music in Itanagar, owned by Getem Apang, the manager of all-female band The Vinyl Records (her former band). She was in her 11th standard then and performed ‘Cry’ by Mandy Moore.

After her freshman year at the University of Delhi, she joined The Vinyl Records in 2010 as lead vocalist. Their first band performance was in Arunachal House, New Delhi to commemorate the statehood day celebration. However, Boby had to opt out of the band after some months due to her personal reasons. She still maintains good equation with the band.

In early 2012, she began to post simple videos of herself singing cover songs of other artists on YouTube in order to gain visibility. Her first upload was ‘I do adore’ by Mindy Gledhill, recorded from a webcam.

She then continued to do covers on artists like Taylor swift, Charity Vance, Katy Perry.

Her big break as an artist came when she auditioned for the K-Pop India Contest 2013, where she won the 2013 LG Songstar of the Year Award in the grand finale of the competition.

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