Book Review: Ashimat Jar Heraal Seema

Welcome to the magical story of Ashimat Jar Heraal Seema (That lost its Limit in Infinity) – probably the most read Assamese novel of all time. The book is authored by Bhubanmohan Baruah, also known as Kanchan Baruah. This novel with romantic plot turns, has captivated the Assamese youth for many generations.

Narrated in a flashback mode, the tale of this beautiful kingdom is narrated by a young professor who embarks on a journey across the sublime river Buri Dihing with his college friends when memories of a past birth start flashing in his mind.

The story is mystical and highly romanticized. It might probably remind you of some romantic Bollywood or Hollywood movies. It simultaneously delineates the innate human emotions –the excitement when one falls in love for the first time, when the person you love loves you back or how it pours you with that feeling of despair when your love goes unrequited. The book also predicts a moral story if an egocentric man does not allow things surrounding him to remain perfect, even the most perfect world would fall apart due to man’s own avarice, greed and jealousy.

The book coherently portrays some of the traditions and cultures that has prevailed in the Assamese society for centuries. The depiction of the battle scenes in the novel clearly alludes to the glorious history of Assam where soldiers from the province have fought bravely against many foreign invaders. Even in the digital era, this book continues to capture the minds of the young people in Assam.  Needless to say, many young people in Assam have admitted that they started following Assamese literature only after reading this significant novel.

Ashmat…will always remain an ornate crowned with a precious jewel in the history of Assamese literature. Another famous book written by the same author is “Puwoti Tora (Morning Star)”.

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