Borkung Hrangkhawl feat. DJ Ina & Moses Rai premieres Music Video “Never Give Up”

There’s nothing quite like standing on a greenery hilltop and breathing a gallon of fresh air! Eeew yes, that sure is intimately front-row seat to cuddle the jovial of nature, and Borkung Hrangkhawl project took advantage of that fact to film a new video for ‘Never Give Up’ featuring DJ Ina and Moses Rai, in an interesting setting — trekking up to the alpine range of Losar Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh, and swimming in the freshwater Loktak lake in Manipur.

Musically, on its surface “Never Give Up” sounds like one of the most anthemic swooping chorus of Borkung Hrangkhawl Project’s singles (the group formerly known as BK & INA). The latest track is tiggerishly pounded with electronic effects occasionally punctuated by an organic sounding rock leaning riffs and guitar intro-arrangement.

However, as you listen more closely to the raps and dig deeper into the song, “Never Give Up” reveals itself as a highly personal and soul stirring meditation by the artist. 

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-pistachio” ]Quick Snippet[/highlight][notice noticeType=”approved” ]The video was shot across various locations in India: Himachal Pradesh: Manila and Losar Spiti Valley, Nagaland: Kohima and Dimapur, Manipur: Loktak Lake, Gujarat: Rann of Kutch,  Rajasthan: Mandar[/notice]

Using the metaphor of a, “Musician,” to describe themselves who come from completely different musical taste of genres, and making good music together with elements that are often considered to be indicative of impregnated revelations and traveling to new places, new gigs, and meeting new people.

Borkung Hrangkhawl (his stage name BK)  presents himself as a rapper who has overcome very personal difficulties to become one of the top freestyle rappers in the country, “I am on the process of making it big what I am on the success road holla-(holler) me on the trip son.”

Watch “Never Give Up” Music Video below:


[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-salmon” ]Quick Snippet[/highlight][notice noticeType=”approved” ]Number of months taken in the making of music video: 5 months[/notice]

The video for ‘Never Give Up’ begins with BK, trekking alone in the high-altitude desert mountain valley of Losar Spiti in the Himalayan mountains, and gyrating down through the thick forest and hills, taking his warm clothes off partially one-by-one while still on the run, and dives into a lake, swim toward a fishing boat driven by complete strangers, who gently helped him get on board and docked him to the shore.

He was later joined by his partner Moses Rai in the desert, both adorned in a uniform of militaristic camouflages. Ferociously running and firing their guns while dodging bullets shot by the enemy soldiers. Finally, they secured the prime location where the goal of their mission is hidden. As they clear-off an perennial box which was covered with sands, they found their record label and production company; CoreConxept beneath it, and nod themselves with mollifying bonhomie smiles.

The clip ends with DJ Ina leaving his stationed base after a wireless phone conversation with BK and heading to the hilltop of the makeshift venue, where he joins his bandmates – Moses Rai and BK. Got its mission completed!

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