Chozuba Residents don’t wait for Nagaland State to repair road

Their livelihood and road connectivity was being threatened, and they were tired of waiting for government help despite numerous appeals, so more than 2,000 residents in Nagaland’s Chozuba sub-division pulled together and repaired the state highway (Kohima – Zunheboto road via Chozuba), stretching 46 Kms – for free on Saturday.

The villagers filled the countless potholes with stones, pebbles, and soil in their efforts to sustain it motorable after the government mid-way decided to suspend the entire project of converting it into a two-lane road. It resulted in the demolition of the erstwhile one-lane by earth mover machines which destroyed the roadside drains and also nearby terrace paddy fields.

Due to constant landslides during the monsoon, plying vehicles on this once motorable was almost impossible so commuters are often compelled to reach their destinations via Pfütsero route, which is twice the length of the normal route.

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Nokho Nyekha, a resident of Kohima who often travel this road, said, “The project was not only suspended, but the entire road has been fully neglected without repairs for several years now”.

“Government officials and politicians will be now ashamed to take this repaired road by villagers for their travels”, she added.

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