Clarification on SingAlong with MLTR Contest for Dimapur

(Picture: Nokho Nyekha)

We sincerely regret to inform all the fans and supporters who came to see Jano Nyekha and Zuchobeni Tungoe on 15th December. The duo performance as an opening act for Michael Learns to Rock concert in Dimapur didn’t work out as planned due to some miscommunication issues created beyond our control on that very day.

Despite our best efforts as advised by 7 Sisters Entertainment to let the winners of “SingAlong with MLTR contest” share the stage with the acclaimed Danish pop band. complied with all of its obligations under its talent hunt agreement with the MLTR India Tour promoter, 7 Sisters Entertainment. In line with our mutual agreement, the Tour Promoter is responsible for honouring the prize (share stage with MLTR) to the winners.

After the MLTR band had done with their soundcheck. At around 6:20 PM, the tour promoter called up asking for them. But by then, it was too late the young artists have already left the venue thinking their slot was cancelled due to miscommunication been issued to them earlier. It was literally difficult for them to reach back to the venue within 30 minutes time frame as the concert was about to begin, considering the traffic hassles.

Promoting talents and events are one of the activities we have been rolling out since the site was launched. In 2013, We also flew down the Korean rock band Biuret to Nagaland to inaugurate its 1st annual Hornbill International Music Festival.

We are currently working to arrange alternative shows for our winners. Also, read a statement by Jano Nyekha on her Facebook page update.

We will keep all posted of the progress of the situation as more information becomes available!

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