The Definitive Guide to Poker in Goa

[h1]A look into the top poker destinations in Goa[/h1]

India is an amazing country, and one of its most prominent features is its diversity. India’s 1.2 billion people make up a multi-lingual society that is known for their intelligence and tremendous work ethic. There is an inherent passion for life among the Indians, and this same passion manifests itself in their love for new things such as poker. Poker is fast becoming a phenomenon in India and many are avidly taken to the game. Panjim, which is the capital of Goa, is where Indian poker enthusiasts head to if they want to catch a game. There are many floating casinos found across the Mandovi River. There are currently three floating casinos that offer poker in Goa, and we will look at each venue in order to provide some basic information about them.

Casino Royale is the largest and most popular floating casino in Goa and it helps that it offers the biggest number of poker rooms in the area, aside from hosting some of the biggest poker tournaments including the India Poker Championships. India’s top poker shark, Vivek Rajkumar, has won several tournaments at Casino Royale and has become an icon of sorts for poker in the country. Rajkumar has amassed over $3.5 million in his promising poker career and has been an inspiration to many aspiring poker players, paving the way for them to participate in satellite poker tournaments at in an attempt to join major poker events like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. The next casino featured actually has two venues – one inside the Goa Marriot next to Mirama Beach , and the other one aboard a boat on the Mandovi River. The Casino Carnival boasts of the Clubs Card room, which is home to the India Poker Ranking Tour, the oldest poker tournament in Goa. The casino also features a VIP room for high rollers and live entertainment on the main game room.

The final poker venue is the Pride Poker Room at Casino Pride. It actually started as the first major poker room in Goa, until poker fans moved to the much bigger Casino Royale card room. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of poker action at the Pride and the team behind the casino is looking to re-establish itself on the Goa poker scene. As a way of enticing poker players from across the area, management has taken over the third level of the ship and completely renovated it, creating a spanking new poker room.

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