Facebook launches Verified Checkmark Badge for Pages and Profiles

Facebook today has launched its latest feature of verified Pages and profiles for a small group of prominent public figures and popular brands with large audiences.

Among the first batch of day one verified pages include Barack ObamaJustin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Coco-cola, Selena Gomez, RedbullBritney Spears, RihannaEminem and couple of few others.

The verified icon resembles similarity with Twitter’s light blue checkmark badge. It has a small, dark blue checkmark beside their name on timelines and does appear in search results.

According to their guidelines posted, Facebook’s Help Center says it will proactively verify authentic Pages and profiles and that you can’t request to have your profile or Page verified. You can report fake accounts that are impersonating you, your business or your brand.

In an attempt to prevent impersonated fake accounts, Facebook isn’t the only social media site to rip this feature from Twitter. Pinterest was the first to adopt the same checkmark badge last October.  Social networks regularly “exchange” features from each other as they continue to overlap in use cases and build out new ones.

What next? Don’t be surprise to find Facebook ripping another feature from Twitter’s shorten URL concept.

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