Gia Haobam: The bubble behind Dash of Classic

Fashion and Style blogs, They’ve all changed the face of Fashion.

Here, courtesy of a new epitome, one of the chicest blogs we’ve seen from the Northeast region – Dash of Classic has been transforming and capturing things bright, beautiful and artfully stunning.  It’s like stepping into a brand new world of fantasy that retains a sense of realism. We love.

In the summer of 2012, a young dynamic femme Gia Haobam launched her own online writing space to nailed down her memoirs with a smile and share diversify contents with younger generation.  Her blog is a bonanza of simple taste pulled together with realistic pieces – still young, fresh and full of chic style. She was recently invited for Bangalore’s biggest Fashion Blogger Conference hosted by and had also celebrated her first-time ramp walk  for well-known fashion designer Ramesh Dembla.

What inspired you to take up blogging?

I have always wanted to do something in fashion, while I was doing my MBA and traveling in Europe, I explored the best part of my life. Seeing those fabulously self-styled ladies in Paris, Germany and other parts of Europe – I realised fashion is something which you wear it everyday, its in your skin and heart, irrespective of what trend you follow.

I keep my blog almost like a teenage diary, Dash of Classic will always remain special to me, it has not only given me my wings but had nurtured me as well. My saga is to tell that beauty is all around in life, but it is about how you edit it.

Gia Hoabam, founder and blogger at Dash of Classic Photo by: Lallian Valte

Gia Haobam, founder and blogger at Dash of Classic. Photo by: Lallian Valte

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your native place?

I was born in Imphal, Manipur. My star sign is Virgo and I share the same birthday with Bollywood siren Kareena Kapoor (winks a clucky smile). My dad is a retired Controller of Examinations at Manipur University and very supportive of me.

I passed MBA from IIPM, Bangalore and IMI, Belgium in 2010. At present, I am resided in Bangalore – one awesome city to be with, ever since I have landed here this is my second home now, very safe and neat place to stay. I’ve seen fashion evolving in this city and the changes so far have been thumbs up.

Back in my hometown, I did noticed a lot of fascinating aesthetics over the past few years, Today women here are also into detailing, design, color and texture, often flagged with contemporary traditional attires. All this growing information made me more incline towards the world of dressing-up, be it traditional, modern or perhaps just classy.

And your other hobbies?

I love clicking pictures, posing (Laughs) most of the girls do and traveling. When i am not blogging, I normally love spending time with my family and friends, I really do love collecting fashion magazines, go shopping, making tea (one thing i can never live without).

How often do you blog?

Weekdays I am a little busy. Weekend is my lounge space – that’s when I usually click my photo shoot and blog.

Approach To Beauty Wellness & Fashion. Photo by: Lallian Valte

Approach To Beauty Wellness & Fashion. Photo by: Lallian Valte

Who is your favorite role model?

My inspiration comes from everywhere, people like Anna Wintour, even at the age of 63, she is still on top of the world and dad, my sisters and of course, street fashion.

Future plans?

When people ask me this detailed question, just like a 4-years-old kid, I always end up saying that I want to be a big bucks earner, maybe a multi-millionarie (Laughs). On a serious note, I wanted to do things what makes me happy and continue doing good work. Life is too short even to think about the next moment so let me enjoy what I have now.

I love my passion – to be a fashion blogger was a dream and seeing it turning into reality.


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