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This Grandfather From Manipur Playing Guitar Will Just Blow Off Your Mind

There’s an old popular saying which goes, “Music is in everyone’s heart and soul in the North East”. Thanks to the echoes of its mellifluous hills and hidden talent. So, ain’t hard to deduce the region is a sign of gift and a warm-hearted tribute to the power of music since time immemorial.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-salmon” ]The Unheard Talent[/highlight]

Here’s an interesting find about this 93-year-old poor farmer named Shimreisa from a small village Hundung in Manipur. He was drawn to music from his early childhood and felt in love with guitar. A self-taught musician and free-style guitarist who innovated his own unique genre and sound using a glass pharmaceutical bottle.

In favor of a world where anything is possible. He is a true living legend!

Watch Shimreisa Performing Live Below

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