Grief Card releases “Because of You” for manipuri film

Bangalore based Northeastern melodic rock band Grief Card, recently released their new video for the song “Because of You”.  The single comes as an OST from the manipuri film “Amamba Sayon (Resurrection)”, which was released on 8th February, 2013. The motion picture is written by Johnson Mayanglambam.

Plot Summary for Resurrection Amamba Sayon (2013) as on
Hundred of years ago, a girl Leima lost her lover Angou Laishram in a fight against some smugglers. She learned witchcraft from an unknown lady who saved her life to take revenge but couldn’t find any suspects afterwards. So, she decided to bring Angou back from his second life by going to the future. By going to the year 2012 where Angou’s second life is, she found out that Angou is known as Punciba Nepram and was already in love with his college mate Mary Golson. Later, she plan to kill Mary in case to take back Punciba by using black magic.

The story of Grief Card started in the summer of 2007. Formerly known as “Beautiful Disaster” , with the line-up consists of Pramesh R.K.,Yousuf, Jeet Lahkar and Anshuman.

The four-piece rock act has won an array of popular college festival awards including Jyoti Nivas College, SMVIT, AMC Engineering College, Sindhi College, MVJCE, NITTE, RVCE and a lot more. The band has performed at various malls, pubs, corporate gigs since then. They were also invited to co-headlined at the prestigious Kingfisher Mysore OctoberFest 2008.

Beautiful Disaster played their first headlining show at AMC College, Bangalore in 2010.

After Anshuman and Yousuf left the band in November 2010, partly due to musical differences. The remaining two members of the band formed “Screaming Rose”, with newly recruited band members, and continued playing gigs in and around Bangalore city. However, the band line-up was very unstable, with members joining and leaving the band often.

It was during this crucial hiatus, They found their permanent drummer in Ravi Yengkokpam, Pramesh’s school friend, who was studying in Chennai at the time, had come to Bangalore during one of his holiday-breaks and decided to jam with the band for a gig. There and then, They persuaded Ravi to shift his base to Bangalore to continue his college studies, to which he agreed.

It was then again in 2011, the members decided to rename the band to Grief Card. The band’s final lineup consisted of Pramesh R.K. (guitars, vocals), Jeet Lahkar (Bass guitar, Keys) and Ravi Yengkokpam (drums).

Grief Card were also part of Bangalore leg of W.O.R.M.E. Festival 2011. They went to win the Battle of Bands at BIT Manthan ’12 and the band headlined at the grand opening of Gopalan Signature Mall, Bangalore in March 2012.

Check out the video below or watch it on YouTube (click here).


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