Guwahati boy made NCERT to remove sentence from geography book

National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT) has been asked by Union Tourism Secretary Pervez Dewan to remove a line from the class tenth geography textbook which stated that tourism has not been encouraged in north-eastern states and interior parts of the Himalayas due to “strategic reasons”.

NCERT geography class tenth textbook in page 92, chapter 7 titled ‘Lifelines of National Economy’, mentions “there is vast potential of tourism development in the north-eastern states and the interior parts of Himalayas, but due to strategic reasons these have not been encouraged so far”.

On reading this, a Guwahati school student Kavya Barnadhya Hazarika had written to the Prime Minister and President’s secretariat twice since April first week, to clarify what the “strategic reasons” were.

Mr. Dewan has also responded through e-mail to the Class XI student of Guwahati’s Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior School, that he had requested NCERT to remove the “careless sentence” and added it was unfortunate to make a sweeping statement that is totally inaccurate.

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