Guwahati welcomes its first Barbeque Nation outlet

Mouth watering barbeques, an impressive buffet, scrumptious desserts and a whole lot of celebrations coloured the atmosphere at the second floor of the Adityam Building at Lachit Nagar in Guwahati last Wednesday evening, as the 38th outlet of Barbeque Nation, one of India’s most successful casual dining restaurant chains, was inaugurated by renowned Assamese actress Barsharani Bishaya.

Like the chain’s tradition signature ambiance, the Barbeque Nation’s first restaurant in the city is spacious and well appointed with a lot of wood and open-brick wall surfaces to get you in the mood for a nice and relaxing evening with friends, colleagues and family members.

The outlet, which is not only known for its live grill and unending buffet, but also for creating lively experience and interesting surprises, has already managed to grab the attention of all the foodies of Guwahati. With an array of unlimited starters, a huge buffet including soups, salads and lip-smacking desserts, Barbeque Nation has become an instant favourite among the food aficionados here. “I have always been a huge fan of Barbeque Nation and was a regular visitor when I was in Bangalore. I am so excited that it is finally here in my city”, says Tanooz Sharma, a guest at the restaurant.

Assam and the north-eastern region have contributed a lot towards the culinary world. Keeping the preferences of the people here in mind, Barbeque Nation has prepared few dishes inspired from the food of this region as well. The entire cuisine served in Barbeque Nation is a happy blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian and is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices, accompanied with a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Barbeque Nation’s specialty is the unique ‘live-grill’ embedded on your table which allows you and your friends to sit around it and experience the warmth of a barbeque party right at your table. One can grill their own starters in a choice of flavours the restaurant provides with the marinades and sauces to enjoy them right off the grill! The buffet is full-course with a full complement of soups, salads, main dishes and desserts.

The music played here is peppy and hip and with a classic range of rock, pop, and easy listening numbers for you to choose from. Live band performances will liven up the evening and get you in that party mood. “Barbeque Nation provides us the certainty of burping satisfied burps!” said Local Kung-Fu director Kenny Basumatary, who was also present at the launched.

(Barsharani Bishaya setting up the grill at Barbeque Nation in Guwahati last wednesday. Photo by LifePurple)

(Barsharani Bishaya setting up the grill at Barbeque Nation in Guwahati last Wednesday. Photo by LifePurple)

Barbeque Nation was established in 2006, by Hotel Sayaji, an Indore-based restaurant chain, the first Barbeque Nation opened in Mumbai. As a unique signature offering, each table at every Barbeque Nation outlet includes a live grill, which prepares a host of delicacies for those seated around it.

Today with 38 outlets across 15 Indian cities, success continues to pursue Barbeque Nation. Barbeque Nation served over 4 million happy satisfied customers. The Miele Guide (the regional guide to restaurants in Asia) has listed Barbeque Nation as one among the Top 100 restaurants in Asia.

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