Hornbill International Rock Contest 2014 Shortlisted Bands: See All the Bands Battling This Year!

The 2014 Hornbill International Rock Contest lineup has now been completely announced! Check out who’s competing the winter rock festival this year.

Unlike the previous year, this season edition would get to see just one international band hitting the mosh pits in the epic contest to be held from December 4-7 in Kohima, Nagaland. It has been announced earlier that the veteran American guitarist Vinnie Moore (UFO) will be part of Jury.

The Nagaland based event management groups – Nagaland Outdoors Club (NOC) and Sky Entertainment were selected by Music Task Force (MTF), a Government of Nagaland body to manage the 2014 editions of Hornbill International Music Festival and Rock Contest.

All the shortlisted bands will have to keep ready a minimum of 6 originals and 4 cover songs set-list each. Well, the second compulsory rule (for cover list) didn’t quite went so well with many music fans on social media. Check out the full list of 30 ready-made cover songs you have to choose from here.

Nevertheless, this year’s Hornbill Music Festival will see the aging British rockers Smokie headlining the multi-cultural festival on December 3. The band keyboardist Martin Bullard have recently posted a video message confirming the show.

smokie hornbill festival

(Picture: Smokie)

The following bands have been officially announced for the 2014 Hornbill International Rock Contest:

1. Vishnu – New Delhi
2. The Mongrels Cacophony – Kolkata
3. The Doppler Effect – New Delhi
4. The Beta Funktion – Chennai
5. Tape Town Madness – Bangalore
6. Silver – Pune
7. Serenade – Kolkata
8. Restless Desire – Tura (Meghalaya)
9. Ton Capacity – Bangalore
10. Red Sky Pirates – Darjeeling
11. Hidden Truth – Kolkata
12. Chrome O Soul – Chennai
13. Black Dog Machine Gun – Darjeeling
14. The Royal Flush – Arunachal Pradesh
15. Final Surrender – Bangalore
16. The Family Cheese – Mumbai
17. Nightmares – Sikkim
18. Muses of Authority – Siliguri
19. Hypnosis – West Bengal
20. Hidden Identity – Kolkata
21. Grey Shack – Chennai
22. Crazy Weather – New Delhi
23. Adroit – Meghalaya
24. Rage Hybrid – Nepal
25. Condemned Hour – Tura (Meghalaya)
26. Paper Sky – Nagaland
27. Technicolors – Nagaland
28. Stereo Type – Nagaland
29. Tune It Again – Nagaland



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