Inclusion proposal to UNESCO on Assam’s Charaideo Moidams

A Guwahati-based Archaeologist Dr S S Gupta of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has told Assam Tribune that a proposal has been sent to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre by the Union Ministry of Culture’s Advisory Committee for inclusion of the Charaideo group of moidams in the list of  World Heritage Sites under either Group of Monuments or Cultural Landscape category in April last.

The Charaideo group of moidams, includes the ones located in the Charaideo area of Sivasagar district, which are protected by both the ASI and the Assam Archaeology Directorate, along with the Gargaon Karengghar (Palace), Sivasagar group of temples located at Sivasagar, Joysagar and Gaurisagar, in the tentative World Heritage Sites’ list.

Charaideo Moidams, a place sacred by the Ahoms. Stands at least 32km east of Sivasagar town. It is located at the foothills of a chain of low lying hills, called Charaideo, an offshoot of the Naga hills. Encompassing an area of 10-12 sq. km , Charaideo is encircled by ramparts(Garhs). Charaideo was established as the first permenent capital of the Ahom kingdom in 1253 AD by Chaolung Sukapha . Charaideo is still revered and continoues to be a place of worship for the Ahoms.

Charaideo was retained as the Ahom capital till 1397 AD, a period of nearly 150 yrs. During later period, Charaideo was developed as a burial ground for the Ahom monarchs and nobles. Numerous of royal graveyards and moidams or burial vaults of kings and others members of royal families still exist in this place.

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