India’s second longest wedding dress from Tripura

Most women have dreamt of their wedding gowns since they were young girls.

But this is presumably not what most women have in mind. A bride from Tripura took things to a whole new level for the first time in the entire Northeastern states. Wedding Dressmakers in the state have created a garment with a nearly hundred and ten metres long train, that requires a couple of bridesmaids to keep them in place.

On December 16, the wedding of Enjula Uchoi and Kanika Debbarma saw India’s unofficial 2nd Longest Wedding Gown in Tripura. The longest wedding gown in the country was 149 meters in length, which was designed by fashion designing students of Coimbatore last year.

A couple from Chengdu in South West China  currently holds the Guinness World Records of having the longest wedding dress nearly three-mile-long train (4828 metres).

(Image: Kok Tripura)

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