Irom Sharmila Scholarship 2014 awarded to Seram Rojesh

The 2014 Irom Sharmila Scholarship has been awarded to Seram Rojes, currently a PhD scholar in the Department of Sociology, Delhi University. With a keen social conscience, he has been an activist from his early student days and is well known for his leadership and consistent peaceful opposition to repeal AFSPA.

“He has personally suffered under AFSPA but has used this suffering to extend both his scholarship and his activism. Rojesh is deeply committed to developing an analytical sociological understanding of the issues facing Manipur and Indian democracy as a whole”, says a press released sent via email by Irom Sharmila Scholarship Committee.

His MPhil dissertation compared everyday life under armed conflict in Kashmir and Manipur, while his ongoing PhD dissertation is on the political economy of Manipur.

The award is based on a combination of financial need, academic seriousness, suffering under AFSPA or similar laws and both present and potential contribution to the democratic struggle against AFSPA and militarism in the spirit of Irom Sharmila.  It is a one-time cash award of Rs. 50,000, and is restricted to post graduate students (in the Masters, MPhil, Phd, postgraduate professional courses etc.) enrolled in any university or institute in Delhi.

The award is open for applications from November 4 onwards, which is the date from which Irom Sharmila began her heroic fast against AFSPA and the announcements are made annually on March 14, her birthday. Sharmila’s fast has been going on now for 14 years and is a symbol of the indifference and impunity of the Indian state; as well as hope for justice on the part of those affected.

This year’s applications came from all institutions in Delhi, and included students from both Kashmir and Northeast India. The jury consisted of professors from Delhi University, JNU, and the Islamic University of Science and Technology, Kashmir.

The first Irom Sharmila scholarship 2013 was awarded to Iymon Majeed of Panjipora village in Sopore district of Jammu and Kashmir. The committee can be connected via or by phone 9868076576/9871637202.

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