Israel offers to help Northeast farmers

Shimon Mercer Wood, who is the head of political affairs of the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi, has disclosed that Israel is willing to extend its expertise in fields like agriculture, irrigation, water management etc to the North Eastern states of the country.

Wood, who recently visited Assam and Meghalaya to assess the situation and to explore the possibility of mutual cooperation, told The Assam Tribune that there is a “huge sense of goodwill among the people of the North East towards Israel and there is every possibility of translating the goodwill into mutual cooperation.”

Israel is also opening 31 centres of excellence in different parts of India in collaboration with the Government of India and the farmers of the North East can be linked up with the centres for their benefits. It may be mentioned here that despite shortage of water and other natural problems, Israel is exporting agriculture products, with use of scientific methods.

Wood revealed that the people of Israel, who like Assam tea, while, textile is another area where Assam can look forward to export products to his country. Israel can also provide assistance in water management to prevent waste of water to the farmers and others in the North East.

On tourism sector, He said that around 40,000 tourists from Israel visit India every year, but not many of them visit this region. He assured that the Israel embassy in Delhi would try to encourage tourists from his country to visit the region for adventure tourism.

Commenting on India-Israel relations, Wood said that the cooperation between the countries in matters of agriculture and defence is increasing every passing year. He also said that the civilian trade between India and Israel is around five billion Dollars at present and it will increase substantially once the free trade agreement is signed between both the countries.

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