The Top 5 Contestants: K-Pop Contest India 2013

The competition is now heating up for the ongoing K-Pop Contest India 2013, as the calender marked for the cover dance/song entries approaches to expire on July 28 (India auditions). The event is sponsored by Korean Cultural Centre India, Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

Let’s take a roll and go screening through the snippets at some of the best Indian entries uploaded so far. Once again, the judges table will be announcing the winner’s results on July 30 and their decision is final. This -what- you see here raking up in your screen today, is just only for the reading sake —  Yes it is and please don’t take it otherwise too seriously!

So, without further ado, here is my list (trajectories) of the contestants whom I think needs an extra praise and adoration as they roar one step closer to the big prize.

[h1] 5) Archana Rawat [/h1]

One of my favorite contestants this season in the K-Pop cover song contest category, is Archana Rawat. Her voice is pretty sweet and unique — doing a rawkin’ and altogether passionate cover of Teen Top’s “Going Crazy”.  This 21-year-old girl actually possesses some fresh-out school talent, and it is ultra-propelling me to admit it. Gladly just did it again for the second time.


[h1] 4) Raikchak Reang[/h1]

Welcome to the world of finger dance – Tutting. Sparks fly as the reeling moves of street dance and Psy’s music collide. Here’s the gracious wake of the epic tantrum. If you love Psy’s Gangnam Style or Gentleman? Then you are definitely going to love this 17-year-old dance craze from Tripura. Watch his unique tutting and popping moves as he cover dance to the tune of Psy’s Gentleman.


[h1] 3) Edwin Jamir [/h1]

This 18-year-old upcoming singer from Dimapur, has wowed me with his blind video audition of K Will’s “Love Blossom”. Despite his first time hitting the studio to record the cover song — and he seemed to have wow many admirers too, of course — mostly girls.  From his unique look, to his shy dreamy rasp. Edwin was unlike any contestant I’d ever seen on this “K-Pop Contest 2013”–or on any singing show in India for that matter. Someone give this young chap a record deal and his own photo-printed clothing line, quick.


[h1] 2) I.K girls   [/h1]

These trio-dance act from Bhopal (MP), has docked a few more points trailed with a perfect score to cover dance “I Got a Girl” by Girl’s Generation. Not forgetting to mouth the words, I am a big fan of SNSD myself too. Indeed, their threesome dynamic-dance routine — goosebumps me, from some booty-shaking dance moves to raging rants, whenever I hit the replay button. A good day to die another day experience!


[h1] 1) Boby Techi[/h1]

Boby Techi, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh, can be easily described as a breath of fresh air to many commendable English dubs of nightingale. So soulful, bluesy and fairly talented. If her voice is this good here on earth, what will it be like in Heaven!


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