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Kabaw Valley: The lost Jewel of Manipur

(Photo: Devananda Kongbrailatpam)

When the princely state of Manipur (earlier known as Kangleipak) was annexed by Indian union in 1949 just two year after getting independence from British rule. In 1952, then first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru permanently ceded (as a gift) the Kabaw valley to Burmese government as a token of peace treaty.

This highland valley located in Northern Burma (Myanmar), covering the western Sagaing division is home to a group of ethnic minorities including the Meitei, the Zo, the Mizo, the Kadu and the Kanan.

Historically, Kabaw Valley was part of Manipur Kingdom for several centuries. It was given to Burma by British India as a result of Anglo-Burmese treaty in 1830, with the condition that Burma can use it as long as it pay taxes to Manipur and in the event non-payment of taxes, the valley must be returned to Manipur.

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