Korean tech-guru and cultural team to visit Northeast

South Korean tech-obsessed artist Hojun Song, the only person in the world to send a personal DIY satellite into orbit three months ago, will be visiting Northeastern states as part of a cultural engagement delegation from South Korea on a 10-day tour of the region next month in August.

Their visit will be initiated by the Academy of Electronic Arts — for exploring the potential for cultural engagement and to open new opportunities between the Northeastern region and the East Asian country besides looking out for collaborative projects.

After spending many years of research and raising funds for the project, Song’s little homemade cube satellites OSSI-1 (Open Source Satellite Initiative) was finally launched into space in April, on a Russian Soyuz rocket from a launch pad located in the Baikonur region of Kazakhstan. His previous cutting-edge work includes a “The Strongest Weapon In The World”.

The delegation led by Nathalie Boseul Shin, will spend their visit meeting local artists, stake holders, institutions, and local governments, in Guwahati and Shillong and possibly Dimapur too,  with a mandate to discover a deeper cultural engagement and look at all type of creative enterprises, from traditional crafts, paintings, music, dance, visual arts and other creative resources — all the way through the most cutting edge applied technologies, says The Assam Tribune.

Assamese artist and writer Shankar Barua, who is coordinating the northeast tour told the newspaper, “This is going to be a significant tour for international cultural connections as we are currently working to set up a Research and Innovation Ashram in Guwahati soon”.

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