How long is the road to find Justice in India?

We have witnessed over the past several years increasing concern over the racial discrimination, harassment and violence faced by the people of Northeast India origins in the heart of the country.

Tragedy after tragedy, Isn’t the room of tragedies filled over yet? Or are we just waiting for hostility to explode the barriers of our national integrity till it bleeds? Justice neglected is justice denied. The pot is already burning hot as the clock ticks. Who is going to turn off the stove?

When it come to seeking justice for the victims from the Northeast region. Even the police refuses to accept our FIR complaints, unless we are ready to go their way or twist the story according to their hypothetical version of crime scene. This is not the first time nor going to be the last denial of justice.

The recent case of Ms. Reingamphy Awungshi who was found dead in her rented apartment in Chirag Dilli, has again doubted our confidence in the law keepers.

A crime is still a crime before the law.  Biased proceedings of justice handled by Police forces taking double standard for similar cases while ignoring the other is not what expected at least.

Last month in Sikkim, Rakshit Singh Meena, a 22-year-old third year civil engineering student, who was the only son of B.S. Meena (Deputy Inspector-General of Purnea, Bihar) along with other seven engineering students of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) got themselves into a scuffle with four local youths at the local pub Live and Loud in Gangtok.

According to a close source, the brawl started when the engineering students started eve-teasing and misbehaving with some local girls who were accompanying the accused local youths inside the pub.

A little later around 1:00 AM. Both the groups had a bare-hand brawl which lasted less than a minute outside the pub. In the brawl, Rakshit reportedly first sustained injuries on his face, neck and abdomen, due to which he fell on the ground as he was also suffering from Hemophilia. However, his friends instead of taking him to a hospital, took him back to the hotel where he died 7 hours later.

Rakshit Singh Meena_Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

(FILE PHOTO: Gangtok Police with the arrested local youths and thumbnail photo of the deceased Rakshit Singh Meena).

The next very morning, the police arrested five locals — Ugyen Namgyal (21), Loden Sherpa (32), Sonam Namgyal(31), Gurmey Wangchuk(35), and Bidhan Pradhan (32). Despite the fact that Gurmey Wangchuk was not even there when the brawl broke out as testified by the arrested youths.

All the arrested youths belonging to high-profile families have been booked under IPC Section 302, 201 and 34. Although the local district magistrate has ruled out ” Based on the post-mortem report, It is a case of unintentional homicide offense as there was no evidence used of weapons or external injuries or eye-witnesses found”.

Whereas, Richard Loitam’s case in a similar brawl over TV remote last year in Bangalore. The case has been ruled out as SUICIDE.

Once outside the region, Northeasterners find difficult to even lodge an FIR  as the police refuses to accept our complaints often. The existence of the long road to equality and justice in the country due to physical appearances,  food habit and culture proves that India is standing at a racial crossroads.

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