Manipuri innovator demonstrates Rice Husk Power Generator

Maibam Nandakumar, 36, an Imphal-based entrepreneur, has recently demonstrated his latest product Wainam (rice stove) Gasifier, a power generation system that can produce electricity using cheap rice husk, Maibam Leikai in Imphal West, in front of a small gathering who came to witness the free demonstration of his brand new innovation.

The 3 Kilowatt generator priced at Rs 15,000 can generate power for an hour using 2 Kg of rice husk. “His technology is simple. He uses a modified generator and a cylinder where the rice husk is placed. He replaces the fuel for the generator with gas emitted from the burnt rice husk. When the user does not want to generate power, he can cook food with a stove attached to the system with gas produced by the burnt rice husk”, a report by The Telegraph.

Last year in June, his small-scale industry has also introduced a cost effective and Eco-friendly Gas stove using rice husk. It was an instant hit in the state of Manipur as people are paying a fortune on LPG gas cylinder, Kerosene and other fuels due to the  frequent road blockades and strikes.

Gas cook-stoves using rice husk gasification is getting popular in many rural areas across the globe. These portable stoves require only an agro waste obtained from rice mills ‘Rice Husk’ as fuel and produce clean flames with no smoke or carbon, at a very low cost and is abundantly available everywhere.

Agni Biomass Gas Cookstoves, approved by Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, were the first to introduce these types of gas cook-stoves in the Northeast India in 2011.

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