Mary Kom launches App to protect Indian Women

In another brave move, the five-time world boxing champion Mary Kom has launched a smartphone app and a free SMS-based service to aid Indian women on how to fight-off attackers and feel safe on the streets of India, where sexual violence on women is widespread and vastly under-reported throughout the country.

The app is being built in partnership with Vodafone as part of its global mobile “Firsts” programme. Last month, the leading British telecom has announced that the legendary boxer from Manipur will become the global brand ambassador for the company starting this year.

The London-Olympic bronze medallist has also launched a self-defense camp for women and hopes every women in India will soon be able to access her advice and tips, according to Wired report.

Recently, India’s state-owned gun maker The Ordnance Factory has unveiled a .32 bore lightweight revolver “Nirbheek” designed especially for women to defend themselves from assault. The 500-grammes revolver can be easily kept by women in their purses or small handbags.

However, the question still remain uncertain whether the 700 million Indian women below the poverty line will be able to afford it, priced at Rs. 1,22,360. Maybe only few rich would have the budget to own one.

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