Mizo man reunited with his family after 60 years

Facebook helped a 82-year-old mizo man, lost from his family for 60 years, reunite with them. Kapthanga was brought home to his village Mualpheng near Saitual town in Aizawl district, Mizoram, where his sisters’ sons and daughters and other family members gave him an emotional homecoming welcome on Friday.

The 23-year-old Kapthanga left his native village to join the Burmese Army in 1952 during the tumultuous times after the British left the country. Recently, Kapthanga, who was residing in Myanmar’s Yangon city revealed his desire to return to his homeland to his friend in Myanmar. Moved by his wish to return home, Kapthanga’s friend posted a message on a mizo community group on Facebook hoping to find somebody who knew Kapthanga or his relatives in Mizoram.

Luckily, Kapthanga’s grandson Remfela, residing in Kathmandu, Nepal, saw the post and informed his relatives in Mualpheng village. The family members then sought the help of a Mizo music band YZTP (Yangon Zomi Thalai Pawl) for help. The members of YZTP found him staying in a rented house in a market place in Yangon as his previous rented house was being dismantled for reconstruction.

The music group, then, took the support of Yangon Mizo Welfare to collect money from the Mizo community in Yangon for Kapthanga’s transportation to India. The old man was travelled down via Tahan in Myanmar’s Chin Hills adjoining Mizoram, a Mizoram-Myanmar border trade centre Zokhawthar hamlet in Champhai District.

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