New Mizoram House inaugurated in Delhi

New building of Mizoram House inaugurated on February 25 at Chanakyapuri in New Delhi, which was constructed at the cost of Rs. 20.65 Crore funded by the central government.

The old building of Mizoram House constructed in 1984 was dismantled in June 2007. The new building architectural design is done by Vipin Gupta of  Architectural Consultant, based in  New Delhi, while the structural design is that of Mizoram PWD.

Engineering Project (India) Ltd had begun the construction in June 2008, with an initial estimate of Rs. 14.32 Crore and when it was completed in October 2012, the total expenditure was revised to Rs. 20.65 Crore.

The newly built Mizoram House is of four-storeyed, with a basement and well-equipped with air condition system, fire extinguishing machine, solar water heating, water treatment plant, electrical substation, diesel generator-320 KVA, CCTV (both inside and outside) and WIFI system.

It can accommodate approximately 39 people, and is meant only for state VVIP and VIP besides Resident Commissioner Office.

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