Mysore: A Weekend Getaway Drive from Bangalore

Mysore, located 150 km from Bangalore, is one of South India’s most enigmatic cities. The city has a rich legacy, always the center for major historical events that define present-day Karnataka. As a modern city, Mysore is a growing centre of tech and is home to a diverse set of industries. The Bangalore to Mysore route is one of the busiest in the country and filled with many surprises.

Detours and landmarks

The Bangalore to Mysore route has some very interesting detours. Bird lovers would love to stop by the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. Ramanagara is famous for its untamed rocky landscape, which is now an adventurer’s haunt. Travelers can take a break at this location where the famous Bollywood movie, Sholay, was shot. The Rasta Cafe is a casual and relaxing stop en route.

The Mysore Palace is arguably a must-see landmark on the city itinerary. This grand structure is the pinnacle of architecture during the era of the Wadiyars. Visitors head off to the Chamundeshwari Temple for magnificent views of the city and nearby jungles. The drive to this hill-top shrine is along smooth, winding roads surrounded by lush vegetation and thick woods. St. Philomena’s Cathedral is a landmark structure that is known for its neo-Gothic architecture while the Railway Museum is another popular spot in Mysore.

Explore Mysore’s dynamic landscape

Renting a car is the first choice for business travelers and tourists alike in many parts of the world. It offers total control over schedules, eliminating the wait for buses or cabs. Travelers who yearn for more privacy and enjoy open-ended journeys also prefer opting for a car rental. Mysore is a great city to drive around and isn’t as crowded as Bangalore. With a car at one’s disposal at all times, more ground can be covered.

Companies like Zoomcar offer affordable plans and app-based booking, making a self-drive rented car accessible to everyone. Patrons of car rentals also enjoy a wide range of vehicles to choose from such as a hatchback for that romantic getaway or solo work trip, a sedan or SUV for the boisterous group of friends. Extra space is always appreciated in travel and this is another advantage of car rentals.

The Sandalwood City boasts of a dynamic landscape, dotted with heritage and cultural attractions. A self-drive Bangalore to Mysore taxi is a great way to travel and to start a memorable journey.

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