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NEshoppe.com: Redefining online shopping in NE

Someone rightly said “Always do your best, what you plant now you will harvest later”. NEshoppe.com, is one such plant, planted way back in 2007 as a B school Project; and finally took its shape in 2011.

The vision of building up a better market place in the North East of India and to represent the culture globally led to the formation of NEshoppe.com. The founders of the online store hails from different educational backgrounds all set to combine different fields of knowledge and experience; to fulfill one common goal. NEshoppe.com (“NE” the abbreviated form of “North East India”) is the first online shopping portal from the region. Since then, the online store has been rendering quality goods and services to customers across India. With the motto of providing service before self, the company’s mission statement is: “To be the one stop-shopping destination for every consumer’s need by offering the best quality goods at the most affordable prices”.

Currently, the company caters to a wide range of products including Books (English & Assamese/ Academic and General), Personalized  T-shirts/Mugs, Apparels, Footwear, Handbags, Jewellery, CD’S/DVD’s, Musical Instruments, Software’s, Health Devices, Gift Items etc. It offers convenient and secure mode of both online and offline payment options for customers along with prompt delivery services even to the remotest places of North East and other parts of India. Secure payment system, efficient delivery is Neshoppe.com’s priority. Cash-on-delivery is on the cards for students and alike.

The primary focus of NEshoppe.com is to create a common trading platform for all kinds of products in order to provide the best of goods to customers across India and globally. Besides, it also focuses on generating employment opportunities within the North Eastern region and aims to promote the local traders of North East India globally by representing their products in the international market. Meanwhile, the company has joined hands with local traders and entrepreneurs from North East and rest of India, including the Nagaland based fashion brand Meow, local apparel traders of Assam, book publishers, ethnic musical instruments manufacturers etc; and is looking forward to further collaboration with many more traders and entrepreneurs from North-East and other parts of India.

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