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Nongkhlieh ridge of Jaintia hills

The Nongkhlieh ridge of Jaintia hills in Megalaya, with an area of 30 square kilometers is riddled with caves of  stunning beauty. It comprises of 10 villages which include Shnongrim, Khaidong, Bangla, Nongthymme, Moolesngi, Lumthari, Tongseng, Lelad, Tangnub and Nongkhlieh village.

The cave passage of 145 kilometres have been explored and mapped inclusive of India’s longest cave Krem Liat-prah Um-im Labit system estimated to be 31 kilometres and India’s deepest shaft Krem Shrieh (Tangnub) at 97 metres deep.

It is a caver’s paradise besides offering an ideal setting for eco-camps, interesting treks, sheer limestone rock walls for the die-hard climbers and an exhilarating warm thermal for para-gliding. The caves of Jaintia Hills are a treasure trove and a delight for serious scientific research as well.

Two new species of cave fauna new to the scientific world– Schistura papulifera (loach) and Heteropoda fischeri (spider) have been documented from these caves. During an expedition in 2011, Two new species of bats – Murina pluviana and Murina Jaintiana unknown to the world was found in the small village of Kseh.

The ridge has a network of hundreds of cave crisscrossing each other under the belly of the earth. Three main rivers of Jaintia hills namely the Kupli, the Letein and the Lynju (also known as Lukha) originate from here.

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