North East Entrepreneur Launches NAHAN Company in China

A year ago, Augustine READING started NAHAN, a business solutions and business management services firm with its office headquartered in Shanghai, China.

Today, his company provide assistance to firms and individuals businesses for international market expansion particularly innovative European SMEs into Asia & vice-versa, product sourcing, procurement, and trading.

About the Founder

Born in Senapati, Manipur. After completion of his high school degree from Don Bosco School Senapati. He moved to Chennai, and New Delhi for further studies. In 2010, Mr. READING left for France to pursue an MBA degree from École Supérieure De Commerce De Rennes, FRANCE and Business Certificate from Tongji University, Shanghai-CHINA.

After graduating from the university, he briefly worked in a Paris based private firm for a year and half. In mid-2013, following his desire to venture into the growing international trade and development industry, he moved to China and intensively studied the business models that are emerging there, and spent holding regular meetings with various business houses for about 6 months before finally settling down the dust and decided to get his company registered in the world’s second largest economic nation.

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He told that he definitely made the right decision, “At the beginning, our company started off by exporting top quality products, mostly clothing and accessories and sold them in bulk at low prices to our dedicated clients in Paris, New Delhi, Bangalore, Imphal and Chennai etc.”

Bruno_Nahan(NAHAN Founder & CEO Augustine READING with his consulting colleagues while in Paris. Photo: Facebook)

The Future Plan

Aiming at the prospective India’s Vision of Look East Policy NAHAN Business Solutions Co., LTD. managed by Augustine and his team members in collaboration with a local partner will be launching a business working partner firm called Kainos in Guwahati shortly later this year.

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For more details, please visit their corporate website to know more about their services, and how they work. You can also directly connect with them via their Facebook page.

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