Northeast Community against False Prostitution allegations made by Gurgaon Police last week

Northeast Support Centre & Helpline (NESCH) has issued a press release seeking clarification from Gurgaon Police on allegations against Northeast women arrested for flesh trade in Gurgaon on October 4, 2016.

The incident which went viral in social media and literally shocked everyone across the country. And making it even more unpleasant, every national media outlets carrying out the same repeated headlining caption “12 Northeast girls arrested by police for flesh trade at Gurgaon city,” without any authentical source or taking the statements of the victims.

Bruce K. Thangkhal, media-in-charge of NESCH, confirmed that only four girls were from Northeast India. Two of them are receptionists and the other two girls worked there as therapists.

On 10 October, the Northeast Support Centre & Helpline (NESCH) team also met with Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Deepak Saharan at his office in Gurgaon, Haryana and has submitted a letter requesting him to carry out proper investigation and if necessary take action against those concerned police personnel and media for spreading out such wrong information and tarnishing the vulnerability of Northeast community in Delhi/NCR.

“Out of 25 people arrested, 15 are females and 4 girls are from Northeast India,” DCP Deepak Saharan told NESCH members.

A few days ago, NESCH members also met the ladies and got their statements. The night when the police raided the spa located at Sector 29, all the employees were directly taken to the police station even though the poor ladies protested their arrests saying they were ready to go for medical examination to prove their innocence, said one of the witnesses.

DCP Saharan also clarifies that he never said there were 12 Northeast women but he only gave a list of names to the concerned Nodal Officer for Northeast, Delhi Police and there is also no evidence that these ladies were indulged into such illegal activities.


Bruce K. Thangkhal, media-in-charge of Northeast Support Centre & Helpline with Gurgaon Police at Gurgaon District Court, Haryana while attending the solitary case of six victims from Northeast states in 2014.

According to the statement of one of the ladies, “Gurgaon Police raided our office around 7:15 pm. At that moment I was coming out from my Boss’s office with pen and locker’s key in my hand. Then the cops suddenly stopped me and asked for receptionist and I told them I’m the one. I answered all their questions,” she said.

“They took pictures of computer data, searched all the lockers and asked to hand over the cash which was the locker, amounting Rs 13,000, along with my signature. Whatever happened there is being recorded on CCTV. After 5-10 minutes, the police took me and other staffs to Gurgaon Sector 29 Police Station,” she recalls.

“Two of us from Manipur (including me), two from Mizoram and the other 11 staffs are not from Northeast. After taking all of us to the police station, the police accused us as prostitutes, which is completely wrong and shocking. It’s even more painful to see false reports in media and social media that 12 NE girls were arrested by police for flesh trade in Gurgaon,” she further added.

“These false allegations and rumours have also created huge negative impact on our lives, we were even asked to take leave by our employers after the incident. Now we are not even sure if we will be employed again or not.”

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