NorthEast Football Club in South Africa for 2015 ISL’s Pre-Season Tour

Guwahati based NorthEast United FC (NEUFC) entire team is currently in South Africa for conducting its 2015 pre-season training of Indian Super League (ISL) series. The crash coaching which got started today, is hosted by the South African Indoor Football Association (SAIFA).

The Highlander boys flew out from Mumbai on the 31st of August to Durban, one of the host cities for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Northeast Fc in South Africa

During its 22 day stay, the NEUFC will play friendlies against a South African Premier Soccer League team and South Africa’s Under-23 teams.

When asked about his thoughts on the pre-season tour in South Africa, “Very excited that we are conducting it in a country that hosted a World Cup and possesses great facilities and wonderful people. I was there during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and I am familiar with the passion and love that South Africa has for this beautiful game,” said NEUFC head coach Cesar Farias in a press release.

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“We will make the best of this trip with the team. The friendlies played will be against quality opposition teams, which will aid our preparation,” the head coach added.

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What’s Pre-Season Training?

Pre-season is a time for the team to discover team- mates, sharpen their skills, hone their fitness and refine strategies for the season ahead.

The second season of 2015 Indian Super League (ISL) starts on October 3.

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