We’re partnering with Wilderness Films India Ltd

We’re happy to announce that we are partnering with Wilderness Films India Ltd. to share fresh videos everyday here on our web portal.

Starting later today, we will be adding one new video daily, all footage related to the Culture, Travel and Wildlife of Northeast India. So drop by and get to learn more about the region and its nature through visuals as well.

Wilderness Films India Ltd. is a leading producer and library of stock footage captured in India and across Asia. The company based in New Delhi has over 1000 films of factual HD video content from the Northeast India alone.

The award winning filmaker, writer, mountaineer, naturalist, photographer & entrepreneur Rupin Dang founded Wilderness Films India in 1988 and has successfully established it as a leading broadcast and television services company in north India. In 2000, the company was turned into a public limited company.

We hope all our readers benefit from this collaboration. Please help spread the word!

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