Now You can read and tweet Facebook posts in Assamese too!

Here comes a good news for Facebook users in Assam this festive winter season. The giant social network has taken a step forward and enlisted Assamese language as one of the regional language settings recently. The site users will now have the option of viewing the popular site in Assamese.

Since 2008, Facebook started localizing its translation efforts. According to Wikipedia, the US based internet portal is currently available in 140 global languages.

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Assamese is the first language setting from the Northeast states to be introduced by Facebook, as part of localising their service. Check their locales XML file document tree prominently displaying Assamese language code there.

(A screenshot of Facebook Language setting in Assamese)

(A screenshot of Facebook Language setting in Assamese)

On their official Facebook for Developers documentation, it also mentioned that it supports 70-plus languages with a framework that enables you to integrate any language through the Facebook Translations app and automatically translate your text on the site.

So let’s hope to find more regional languages from the region popping up on your favorite Facebook screen in the near future. In the meantime, don’t forget to “Like” Sevendiary on Facebook, and expect to see our page in your chosen language very soon.

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