Reliance to launch 4G in Assam and other NE states

Reliance Jio Infocomm to introduce 4G network services in the Northeast states by April next year. The company will be investing about Rs 600 to Rs 700 Crore in the first phase of the project and will later gradually scaled up the investment, says Times of India report.

The report mentions that a team of top company executives led by Tarun Jhunjhunwala met Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi recently and discussed the plan to roll out the fourth-generation services in Assam.  Reliance Industries CEO Mukesh Ambani is believed to soon visit the state to push the project forward.

The company has already set up an office in Guwahati and has recruited 100 engineers to work on the 4G plan. Reliance Jiio Infocomm has also started laying optical fiber network across Assam. It is reported that 800 mobile towers or even more, will be installed across the state by the year end. The venture will create employment opportunities for more than 3000 people in Assam alone.

Reliance having acquired the Jio Infocom company, is betting big on 4G services in India. The company has earlier tied deals with RCom for sharing the usage of infrastructure and other equipment.

Industry experts have suggested that Reliance will enter the Indian 4G wireless Internet services with cheap pricing and will offer supporting hardware for easier adaptation. It may be noted that 4G users will require special hardware to receive signal and most phones which is currently available in the markets do not support 4G.

The new range of smartphone or tablet launches in India is likely to be 4G ready-for-use gadgets. With 4G, the broadband speeds is capable to run at unimaginable 100 Mbps, the current 3G speeds runs at about 3.2 – 7.8 Mbps on an average.

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