Review: BK & INA release their debut Music Video “Free”

Meet the fresh wave of underground hip-hop saviours in India. The newly formed BK & INA has just released their debut music video for the single “FREE” on YouTube two days ago. The trio act is a side-project collaboration of Tripura rapper Borkung Hrangkhawl, who is better known by his stage name as BK, Guitarist Moses Rai and DJ Ina, who is widely considered to be one of the best music producers in the Northeast.

Their debut single, Free, is one of the most ruthlessly proficient pieces of independent hip-hop music in the country to come out this year. The song is catchy, compact under ripples of synths, EDM and executed with the sweatless energetic rapping vocal accompaniment to its lyrical scores so broad, that keep reminding us the fading side of soul-dredging experiences, corporate sinister; precisely their  authority over humanity.

The three musicians creates a perfect conceptual rhetoric visuals for their debut single, using the thematic storyline, creating a powerful message with hotchpotch of imagery that can move even the ice-berg, from mountains to mountains, before finally landing you in the garden of Eden; where you are left all alone to choose between evil or humanity?

BK’s artistry has always been polarizing and the “Free” video is no different, which left critics with divergent opinions. The music video camera rolls with eye-popping scenes of the singer getting captured and tortured by gangsters, dripping him into the water, then the scene slowly starts transforming back to where it all started at the sound of the scratching intro, passing through a group of people donning in dark cloaks, symbolizing his mind races against evil temptations as he reveres time-travel. In the rush, he gets landed back to his original state of mind – his freedom.

Interestingly, the video was filmed in 11 different locations across four Indian states and almost took two months for the production crew at Coreconxept to complete the shooting. This is it — here’s the arrival of the music scene we have been long waiting for years in the Northeast. And we are totally digging it!

Watch the video for “Free” below:


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