Royal British Legion pays tribute to WW II heroes in Kohima

A team from the Royal British Legion (RBL) including two World War II veterans Williams Lavery and Thomas Taylor on Monday paid rich tribute and laid floral wreaths at the Kohima World War II cemetery in memory of the brave war heroes killed in 1944.

Major Jon Worth, a tour guide of RBL said the team comes to Kohima every year with the veterans and their children/grand children to pay tribute and in remembrance of the fallen heroes.

Thomas Taylor who was the commander of Cameron Highlanders in 1944, is now 90 years old also joined the team. He was accompanied by his grandson.

The twin Second World War clashes of Imphal and Kohima have been named as the greatest ever battle involving British forces, at a special event at the museum, in Chelsea, west London. Imphal-Kohima received almost half of all votes.

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