Rugs to release debut single ‘Lollibomb’ on August 8

Rhokuosie ‘Rugs’ Ngouri have announced that he will release his highly anticipated debut single ‘Lollibomb’, on August 8 through Indihut.com. The record was produced by Moto, a Naga music producer based in Germany.

Rugs, at an early age was intrigued by the art of rapping and continued to work on his flows and rhymes and started to pen down fresh flows inspired by his everyday musings. Clarity and a unique diction defines his style. The young rapper relates his music with simplicity and easy listening, whereas his fans define his music as an addictive adrenalin filled with beats and rhymes sticking their fingers on the replay button.

Last year, he made his first public appearance at Upstairs Cafe, Dimapur with a powerful performance at the MTF Live Series Upstairs. During the show the young rapper spit out a Non-Stop Tongue Twister for over 2 minutes and won the hearts of the entire audience with his over the top stage performance powered by his own fresh originals and a medley of covers.

The producer Moto recorded the entire song by using the latest Trap beats filled with explosive bass sounds and music that stands out from the rest in terms of production quality and relevance to the global music scene. Rugs drops in his rhymes with lyrical content which might be termed as ‘Explicit’ but the overall flow and super catchy lyrics makes ‘Lollibomb’, one of the best Rap originals to have emerged from the Northeast region.

In light of the announcement of Lollibomb, the Kohima based upcoming rapper is also currently working on his next project ‘Fight. Until.Calamity.Kills’ with DJ Ina due for releasing this fall.

Poster of Rugs

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