Shillong Autumn Festival 2012 – a festival in the “Abode of Clouds”

In a bid to promote tourism in the “Abode of Clouds” of the state, the Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum kicked-off the inaugural event of the Shillong Autumn Festival 2012 on 27th October, with 10,000 people competing at the Shillong Half Marathon.

“Think green, eat green and live green, Let’s take a resolution that whoever is here will ensure that this humble beginning is converted into a movement a green movement,” Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said to cheers from the crowd, in an effort urging the participants to carry home the message of collective responsibility to keep Shillong’s environment clean in Marathon.

The festival has been an annual event since 2005. Probably it is the only state sponsored festival in the North Eastern part of India where one get to see the cultural dances, folk music, indigenous sports and traditions of various communities of the Northeast region.

The main festival was held on November 3-4 at the picturesque Orchid Lake Resort, Shillong. Several western music bands and cultural troupes from the region  performed during the two-day entertainment-packed festival, including Soulmate, Shillong Chamber Choir, Lou Majaw & Friends, Menwhopause, Alobo Naga & the  Band, Alo Wanth and Pynter Orchestra etc.

Shillong Chamber Choir performs at the festival on the final night

Another interesting features at this year’s festival is the Magic carnival, Boat racing, Kayaking, Kidszone, North Eastern cuisines and many more other activities.

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