Shillong native landed lead role in ABC’s Galavent

The singer and actress Karen David, a native of Shillong has landed a lead role in the upcoming ABC’s musical comedy ‘Galavent’. The fairytale is written by Dan Fogelman, with Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken writing the music, reported Deadline.com.

David plays the female lead, Isabella, a princess and the daughter of the King and Queen of Valencia, whose country has been conquered by King Richard, and she seeks out Galavant. The film centers on handsome Prince Galavant (played by Joshua Sasse) who is on his quest for revenge over the evil King Richard who stole his one true love, the beautiful Madalena (Janesen).

In the past, Karen David has joined the original stage cast of Mamma Mia and have acted in successful movies and television series such as Provoked, Scorpion King Franchise, Batman Begins, BBC’s Waterloo Road, Pixelface and Jack Ryan among others.

On the music front, Karen has worked with some of the worlds’ top songwriters and music legends including Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, Pink), Boots Ottestad (Robbie Williams, Katherine McPhee), Rob Wells (Selena Gomex, Adam Lambert, and Mika), Adam Argyle & Martin Brammer (Olly Murs), AR Rahman and Stefan Skarbek (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Eliza Doolittle). Last August, she released her latest EP – Dust to Stars on iTunes.

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