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The shop that has no Keeper in Mizoram

Possibly this is the only place in the whole planet and one of the rarest traditional barter systems that is still being  practice now, where you can shop it yourself at a guard-less roadside store, then drop the purchase items money into a box and walk away with the fresh vegetables.

If you are traveling between Seling and Keifang villages in Mizoram. You can buy some fresh green vegetables, fruits or eggs along the route at various ‘Nghahloh Dawr’, which means shop without a keeper.

One of such shops owned by 29-year-old Vanlaldika, a farmer who resides with his wife and children in a nearby village, has become his main source of livelihood.

Every morning Vanlaldika arranges all the vegetables in his shop, keeps a small payment box along with a hand-written signboard displaying the selling prices of various items and leaves for his garden about a km away from the place.

People who cross the area drop in to purchase the fresh vegetables and put the desired amount into the box.

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