Shortlisted bands for Hornbill National Rock Contest 2012 Announced

The Shortlisted Bands for Hornbill National Rock Contest 2012 has been announced and here’s the list:

1. Rogue Saints (New Delhi)
2. Blek (Mumbai)
3. The Shakey Rays (Chennai)
4. Scarface (Kolkata)
5. Street Stories (Shillong)
6. Heavens Down (New delhi)
7. 24×7 (Lonavla, Pune)
8. Escher’s Knot (Bangalore)
9. Gingerfeet (Kolkata/ Darjeeling)
10. Ably Aizawl, (Mizoram)
11. Our Hour (New delhi)
12. Thikscinned (Pune)
13. Grey Shack (Chennai)
14. The Blitz (Kolkata)
15. Arihant (Guwahati)
16. The Uncertainty Principle (New Delhi)
17. Reverse Polarity (Mumbai)
18. Cheisrah (Bangalore)
19. Adam’s Apple (Darjeeling)
20. IIIrd Chapter (Imphal)
21. Clueless Attention (Winners of NSACS Rock + which gives them default entry to the contest)

NAGALAND auditions on 10th Nov ’12

For more info, head over to The event will be held at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Kohima and one lucky winning band would get to walk away with Rs.5 Lacs (In Cash).

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