Sikkim Hospital Security Guard Found Rs.2.5 Lacs And Returned it

In one of those reminders that humanity is pretty great. A 24-year-old security guard named Milan Rai found a package with Rs.2,50,000 in cash while on duty at Central Referral Hospital, Tadong in Sikkim on Friday.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-teal” ]The Good Samaritan[/highlight]

Rai was taking a stroll around the hospital lobby when he came across an unclaimed white package lying down in a corner. He picked it up and asked people sitting in the waiting room there if it belongs to anyone of them, before ultimately taking the package to the hospital’s security desk.

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Half an hour later, a man came searching for the package whereabouts and he immediately returned it after first verifying the geniuses of his claims. The man whose package it was thanked him and Rai was offered a cash reward, but declined it.

Brig Dr. Kanwarjit Singh (Retd), the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital was proud of the move his staff made. “Very rarely do people lose things in a hospital facility like this, but when it happens it makes you feel wonderful that our staff are trustworthy,” he said.

(Picture: Voice of Sikkim)

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